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Barcelona tu Casa
Your truly house in Barcelona.

Terms and Conditions

If you make a reservation through this website you are accepting all the conditions below.


When the booking is done, it will appear a confirmation window, and you will receive an e-mail with all the details of your booking. If you don´t receive the e-mail, please check your Spam folder. It is possible that it will appear there.

Check in and Check out

The time of the check in will be previously agreed with the contact's person, the owner it will adapt to the client's hour, every time that the availability of the apartment will permit it. In case of delays at the check in, the client must inform to the telephone number of the contact's person you will get at the time of the booking.

A contract has to be signed, and the payment has to be done at the apartment's arrival, when you get the keys. Furthermore, to get the keys you have to give a deposit to the owner. Barcelona Tu Casa is not responsible of the any deposit loss, and it will be no discussion about a possible refund of it.

The check out must be done before 11:00 am, unless the owner says the contrary, and every time that the next check in will permit it.

Barcelona Tu Casa is not responsible of any stolen objects or belongings inside the apartment or by any careless of them.

Others conditions

The client must respect all the rules of the apartment, furniture, objects and any equipment of the apartment. It is not permitted to take in more people than the indicated at the booking, in case that happens, the property can ask for the total evacuation of the apartment, and the client will not have any right to compensation.


In case of cancellation the amount's booking it will be not refund. The cancellations must be inform by e-mail or through the site barcelonatucasa.com.

If the apartment wouldn't be available, by an external cause from Barcelonatucasa.com, it will try to offer and alternative apartment to the client with similar features. If it couldn't be possible find anything similar, the booking will be cancelled and the amount refund.

Booking Changes

It is possible to change the dates of the booking, only when you inform one month in advance, through the website Barcelonatucasa.com.

If the apartment is available and the client wants to prolong the stay, it can do it paying the difference of the amount's booking.

If the client wants to reduce its booking's dates, it can do it with any kind of compensation or refund.

The administrative cost to make booking changes is 20€.

Familiar treat

In Barcelona Tu Casa we would like you to feel like at home, that's why we offer a near and familiar treat. We always offer you what we would like to receive if we were the clients.


The prices and payments must to be done in euros.

Age and use Limitation

You only can use this website and book our apartments if you are older than 18 years old.


The website's content is constantly be improve, and as sometimes it contains, or can contain, other's information or instructions, we can not be responsible of the accuracy of those contents.

Apartment Rules


The client that reserves a stay through this web, will be held liable for the correct and decent behaviour of all those accompanying them. The property is authorized to request eviction from the apartment in the case that this person or any accompanying you show an inappropriate or irresponsible behaviour, without the right to ask for compensation. In this case any person concerned would lose the full payment made and their deposit. Please note that by making a reservation the client has accepted the general conditions involved and is expected to abide by any of the established rules.

It is completely prohibited

To cause any disturbance to neighbours, listen to loud music or organize parties. Clients staying in our apartments should be aware that neighbours may complain if they are disturbed by loud music and even call the police leading to the immediate eviction of guests the same day or night.

Between 22.00h and 10.00h it is considered a time for rest and tranquility

We very much appreciate your full collaboration and comprehension in thus matter in as much as these kinds of regulations are necessary out of respect for the other people living in the residential building all year round and needing their rest at night.


The owner is not liable for the direct or indirect damage to the individual caused by use of the apartment including unrestricted amounts from damages, insurance or loss due to any accidents with fire, theft or criminal behaviour.

The owner reserves the right to request vacating the premises in the case where the aforementioned regulations are infringed and client has no right to any compensation whatsoever...

If you booking through this website you are accepting all this conditions.


Departure from the apartment must be made before 11:00h. In the case where guests may need to store their luggage during the day, you can ask for information about Cloakrooms in Barcelona..