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Barcelona tu Casa
Your truly house in Barcelona.

Spectacular videos of our city

Routes in Barcelona

Video of the one of the best cities in Europe!

Director: Andrew Zenn,
Music: "Get a Move on" de Mr. Scruff

Barcelona is one of the world's best cities to visit and travel. The Barcelona beaches including Barceloneta are incredible, and a great place to study abroad in Spain and Europe.

Sagrada Familia

The expiatory temple of Sagrada Familia, known simply as Sagrada Familia, is a huge catholic temple in Barcelona (Spain). Designed by the catalan's architect Antoni Gaudí. It was started in 1882, but is still under construction. It's the master work of Gaudí and maximum exponent of the catalan modernist architecture.

Montjuïc's Castle

The castle of Montjuïc was an army fortress and after the civil war, was a military museum. Nowadays, is a municipal equipment in where it will be installed an international centre for the peace. It is located at the top of Montjuïc's mountain, Barcelona.